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25 year old female child trying to find her place in the small world she knows. In the meantime dolls and ponies! Also a few cats >;)

the little nano tank I put together for my Betta is really coming along now. I let it get a little over grown and finally trimmed it today.

Little sucker was pretty happy with more room to swim in now.

one lone ghost shrimp in there to, usually on the log, and a crap ton of snails Y_Y

I kinda wanna add some small shoaling fish (mountain cloud minnows?) just to add more color. Kinda on the fence though

would only be like 3, that or neon tetra

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    I didn’t know about the 6+ rule!
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    Amazing tank
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    What a beautiful aquarium! How big is your tank? Anything less than 10, I would say ‘no’ to a shoaling fish. Schooling...
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